Remedial Classes 

Remedial education is education which is designed to bring students who are lagging behind up to the level of achievement realized by their peers. Remedial Teaching means that help is offered to pupils who need pedagogical or didactic assistance. These are often children who function at a lower than average level because of a certain learning- or behavioural /disorder. However, remedial teaching can also be offered to pupils who achieve at a higher than average level, they too can do with the extra attention and care.

There are a number of reasons why a student might need remedial education. Some students attend schools of poor quality, and don’t receive adequate grounding in math and language to prepare them for college or life. Other students may have transferred in and out of schools or missed school a lot, creating gaps in their education which contribute to lack of knowledge in core subjects. Students may also have learning disorders and other issues which have impaired their ability to learn.

 In remedial education, pupils are usually given assessments to determine their level of competency. Based on test results, the students are placed in classes which are most likely to provide benefits. Classes are often small, with a focus on high teacher-student interaction, and they can take place to accommodate various needs. In the course of the class, the instructor will bring students up to speed so that they have skills comparable to those of their peers.

 Mukerian is a rural belt which is located in a Kandi area and the students do not have adequate basic education. Most of the students are from scheduled castes and tribes and also most of them come from very low income groups, their parents are mostly agriculturists and daily labourers’ so this remedial centre at the college would be very helpful for these students.